.Aifaa & Beep.

Aifaa and Beep was here in Penang. We had a chance to meet up although Beep tried to screw us both but in the end... she kind of made it. She owes us big time.

Anyway, we had fun talking and lepaking. Visited Fort Cornwallis for the first time with Aifaa. I didn't bring my camera thus we had to camwhore with Aifaa's Sony Ericsson W890i. A wonderful tool if I may insist.

I will post pictures of Aifaa once my mum comes back from her course. She took my laptop. Suddenly, flashbacks from this episode occured.


I'm still feeling drowsy. Maybe from all the late night sleeping, maybe from the fever yesterday. But one thing's for sure... I need more sleep. I'm heading over to Penang later and getting my front bumper. Hopefully I can get my car fixed by this month.

I know I've been rambling about quitting alcohol, but the other day... ppl served me FREE alcohol. Now why would I resist FREE alcohol?

God damn it, I need more restraint.

Also, some of you might've heard me talking about moving over to Port Klang as my next career step. But looking at Penang just gives me this calm serene feeling. Like it was meant to be my home. The laidback attitude. The nice mamak stalls. The colonial buildings. The superb beaches and crazy ass people. I haven't applied to be transferred and I'm thinking... maybe I just need a good place to settle down. Life is much more than money. Life is about making every second matter.

Let's flip a coin.
March 20, 2009


Jimmy Ang said…
Ndru, can find in hutan rimba.


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