.rocking Penang.

I was soo hoping for "Meet Uncle Hussain" that a pinge of sadness crept into my heart when I knew they weren't coming. However, having "Estrella" perform is by far one of the greatest news.

March will be a month of concerts and functions. First will be Jason Mraz's concert and here's to crossing my finger that Chris Brown won't beat him into a pulp. Also, one of my best mates are getting married. A special toast to Alvin the Chipmunk.

Then there's EstrellaEstranged performing in Penang middle of March which is as good as a done deal. Waiting for more information from the Event Manager. It will be awesome and breath taking. I expect no less from a group with such calibre.

Somehow, at 26... I feel much younger than 21. Must be this new acquisition of "freedom".

p/s: I now have a DSLR. But that doesn't make me a photographer. It just makes me look like a photographer.
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February 19, 2009


aifaa said…
u're so lucky.

damnit! :(
Ayako said…
wow it sounds very happening there in penang.i have to stuff my weekends here with all sort of activities so that i won't miss home.
Jimmy Ang said…
aifaa: really? later i go buy magnum, 4d and toto. Thanks.

Ayako: Come back home.
Anonymous said…
dude...estranged is coming..not estrella, unless u bringing estrella here
Jimmy Ang said…
ok, addded comments above.


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