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Cher made a really good post about our fishing trip. Go read them here: Fishing Craze - by Ed and Cher. Dun be so lazy. Go read... now!
During the weekend, we were both in the fishing mood craze. On Sun morning, we and two other friends made our way up to Tj Bungah (opposite Mount Pleasure) for fishing. We started around 10.30 am and ended around 1.30pm.

I must say our fishing turned out good as we caught ourselves quite a lot of fishes, most of it Gelama's.We used really huge, fat, long and bloody worms as bait. The worms were called umpun-umpun or Nipah Worms. I am proud to say that I was brave enough to cut the worms, touch these worms and hook them onto the hook all by myself!!!! **Clap Clap**

But thinking back these worms were damn disgusting. And each time you cut them there's so much slimy blood coming out... - Ed and Cher.
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February 10, 2009


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