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1. I've small eyes. Seriously. I don't hate them.
2. I learnt ninja techniques and I can disappear.
3. I laugh like a hyena sometimes.
4. I have hairs, pubic hairs.
5. I have a long line on my tummy due to an operation. The scar on the right bottom was to excrete my bile.
6. I read books before I sleep, I find them therapeutic. Never right after, never during.
7. I am in love with everything stylo-milo.
8. I'm a great pretender.
9. My favouite colour is white but I wear everything black.
10. I took guitar lessons and I learnt that I sucked in it.
11. I'm beginning to get flabby. I just never admitted it. Besides, I'm too lazy to religiously exercise.
12. I prefer roadside food to restaurant cuisine. Unless it's fine dining. Dun give me the KFC McD bullshit.
13. I love taking pictures, making films and designing stuff.
14. I've had countless car and motorcycle accidents. Countless by now.
15. Ever since I broke up, it has been a long time since I religiously visit the cinema.
16. I am a chinese but people say i have this malay accent plus I never really can write chinese. Not even my own full name. My surname only.
17. I'm super duper scared of birds. Give me a tarantula or a python over a canary anytime.
18. I like hanging out with friends. I will go to great lengths just to enjoy a cuppa with them. I think friends are important.
19. Secretly, I think the 80's are cool. Give me a 5 bottlecaps and some 'gasing' over Counter Strike anytime of the day.
20. I think Japan is a cool place. They dare to be different... not in a good way though, but they have character. I think their language is cool.. especially after Misaki Ito said 'Moe' in Densha Otoko.
21. I fall easily. I never meant to hurt anyone but sometimes I think its harder to maintain love than it is to fall.
22. I think internet is the greatest stuff ever invented.
23. I write a lot of nonsense and secretly I think they're the greatest thing since Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
24. I like swimming. I find them peaceful. Never tried diving but I hope to.
25. I'm super duper LAZY I tell you.

Direct lift from facebook. Not tagging. Kthnxbai.
February 12, 2009


Anonymous said…
eh jimmy, lets bring bottle cap and we play during the next TT. Yes internet is the best invention...without internet you will not love me so much.
hope u get ur a350 soon ...
Jimmy Ang said…
cap bottle nowadays very hard to find. who sells bottled water anymore? mineral water cap can ah? hahaha.

Yes, I love you. XOXOXOXOXOXO.

Now bugger off.


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