.how to annoy people.

1. Staple only on the middle of the page.
2. Always interrupt people with "Whatever..."
3. End all your sentence with conjunctions like "and, but, so, however..."
4. Randomly shout at people crossing the road.
5. Look at people with your mouths wide open like they're retarded.
6. Shut the phone halfway when people call you and pretend the line was out.
7. Tell people how much your boss likes you and praises you. Then proceed to tell them how they should work harder.
8. Randomly talk to a part of the wall in the elevator while other people is inside.
9. Make driving sounds when fetching your friend(s). "vrooom.. prenng.."
10. Lick all your food as soon as they come and claim them as "chopped".

There, now this should keep you entertained for at least one week if you try them out.

p/s: my flickr link is now up.
p/s/s: where da FUCK is my THREADLESS order a month ago?
February 25, 2009


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