.new wing and sneakers.

there's this new wing opened at Gurney Plaza and I've been wanting to go visit it since forever... except that it only opened up a couple of months ago but it really felt like forever. anyway, i've heard about the nike specialty store there from BBB and since Christmas, NY and CNY is coming... I've been meaning to change these two year old sneakers of mine.

It's still in pristine condition but heck, a guys gotta walk too. I am willing to part with my pristine Nike Light Blue and White sneakers for RM980.00. It has brought me to many places and i think i've clocked around 9000 km on it. Interested offers can pls email me jimmyang[at]hotmail.com. No lowballers.

I've been conned by these white lovely babies of k-swiss. Mind you they're not k-fed, only Britney spears got conned by K-fed... twice. I mean, which idiot would step into the same shit two times? Nvm. I'm interested in the last image utmost right. i'm no lover of high dunks.

My interest in Onitsukas are beginning to wear off. Mostly because I'm not liking their available designs here in Malaysia.

Now let's hook up at Gurney new wing this weekend. Cya.
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December 19, 2008


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