NottyNit came back for Christmas eve, so we decided that we must gather around all our ex-classmates and have a reunion for Christmas Eve.

The problem with a reunion on a Christmas Eve is that every freaking place in Penang which is hip and happening is ... Full, Packed, Jammed, F-ed up... whatever.

So we squeezed our head to think of a place and gathered suggestions from everyone.
We were at the brink of absolute decision when HippyHajar texted NottyNit saying that she knows this freaking place with fishes "yang MMG FRESH".

Tadaa..... (ignore those dirty empty dishes. we were hungry. waited an hour and more for the food)

i was standing awkwardly because it's hard squeezing into a 10 cm space.

Standing: Zimmy and HippyHajar.
Sitting: JollyYeap, AbsolutAen, MasterMai, NottyNit

Standing: HippyHajar and Hubby.
Sitting: Zimmy, AbsolutAen, MasterMai, NottyNit

Tak sangka classmates ako tinggal 5 sahaja. Yang lagi satu tu hubby HippyHajar. Minivin tak datang. Minivin gatal, pergi tengok "ip man". XD
December 25, 2008


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