.2008 to 2009.

My 2008 New Year Resolution - reviewed.

1. forgot all the stressful shit at work and focus on the results. not the process... even if the process sucks.
- SUCCESS. I'm less stressful now.
2. never bring work back home.
- guilty but successful to a certain degree. It's rare but occasionally I do.
3. have fun working and work at your own time at your own pace.
- Less working more time. Need to improve on this.
4. look like you're having fun and laugh like you mean it.
- I always have FUN. The laughing part... see below.
5. never look down on people's jokes... always laugh like you mean it.
- kinda hard when it doesn't tickle. fail.
6. be confident, i may not know what bullshit i'm talking about but i'm sure i know how to bullshit out of it.
7. never take any bull from any other person other than your boss... cause you're not paid high enough to take bull from your customers.
- i am still tolerant but so far no one's gone over the line yet.
8. have fun and never resist fun when it comes knocking.
- guilty of turning things down due to some boring ppl. need to find crazy mofo friends.
9. get out more and look-see the world more.
- still working on the financial part.
10. learn to love better.

Things I did in 2008.

1. Bought my new car.
2. Failed to go to the Jay Chou World Tour because of "idiot" friends. Yes, that means MiniVin, JollyYeap and SillySeng. Of course I'm one too.
3. went to Bangkok. Almost called a hooker.
4. had a nightmare meeting net friends at 12.30 am.
5. Lost a dog, adopted another.
6. had an accident with two breastbags popping out.
7. met up with Hani at KL after like soo many years.
8. lost SweetSam.
9. went to Maskara Shorties with so many of my ex-classmates.
10. Gambling @ Genting. Lame but my first time. My virgin experience.

My 2009 Resolution.

1. Earn more. (take up part time jobs and take them seriously.)
2. Meet more people. (attend more gatherings. Be friendly)
3. Go more places. (travel to a destination every 3 months)
4. Workout more. (30 minutes on workouts everyday. Be consistent)
5. Sleep more. (Sleep on weekdays by 12.00 maximum)

There... simple, easy and nice.

Have a blessed New Year and Happy Holidays.
December 31, 2008


Samantha said…
Hahahaha reading this makes me laugh especially the net friend part muahahaha...until now I still have not seen that picture wei...

anyway have a Jolly New Year and Kick Butt Holidays!

miss ya a whole lot!


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