.things that baffle me.

Part 3.

continuation from part 1 and part 2.

facebook whores who spends all their time playing nonsensical java games.
who the fuck does this anymore? fess up. personally i think facebook is overrated. networking or no shit, they give people the illusion that we can interact and high-five each other or throw chickens at each other without any eye contact. we can even lick all our friends wtf. what the dumbfuck kinda interaction is that?

we all think facebook is the platform where we can start all over again fresh from friendster. with all those albums and shit. well, guess what... i think the albums are nice. but the games? the games which you keep inviting me 10 times over and over? there's a reason why i declined them in the first place piehole. now i don't even look at my invites. i dun want to play medieval warrior or pokemon adventure. heck i dont even want to enter your group of "Feed a child with a click" shit. cant you get it through your fucking thick skull?

people who dont answer their calls and dont call back.
whats the use of a fucking handphone if you don't pick it up? fine, if you're like bathing, masturbating. having sex with your dog. i totally understand your predicament but at least have the fucking decency to call back after you're done with whatever sexual activity you have. i called you for a reason and although the reason might be to talk bullshit, but i fucking CALLED you to talk about bullshit. see how important that is?

Taiwanese Hokkien Movies.
I believe every living auntie who's above 45 years old and who doesn't have a life would definitely love the series. But seriously, I cant stomach it. And I have to sit in for it every fucking day from 6 to 7 pm cause my grandma's been hogging for it and demanding i switched it on every fucking day. Even on fucking Saturdays and Sundays, she wants to make sure. I never really bothered with it last time cause I would really just skip it. But now, it's taking over my 6 to 7 pm and causing me endless headaches with their poor acting and silly accents. And all those fucking guys in the fucking movie somehow have their slick hair combed back every fucking series. And their language... oh my fucking god... how could they put that on TV. btw, I'm hokkien but you don't see Singaporean Hokkien sounding like a lame arse.

Fucking MLM and Direct Sales.
They give you this bullshit talk about having your own business and running your own profits and all kinds of enterprenual bullshit but the fact of the matter is, you're selling someone's fucking product and working for them for a percentage of their income. It's a small fucking percentage believe me, no matter what pudgy fucking bullshit they try to shove down your throat. Its all OK, I buy stuffs from MLM and direct sales. Hell my mom was involved in numerous shits like these. But the fact of the matter is, they're fucking annoying like facebook invites... they keep coming on and on with the invites wtf.

DSLR owners calling themselves a professional photographer.
every fucking person holding a DSLR are calling themselves professional photographers. Just because they can do some editing on Photoshop and take countless amount of digital pictures and selecting the best ones. fucking retards have no training, have no art sense, have nothing. they just click and choose. it helps that the images are of damn quality and it helps that the print outs are kinda free (no need for film wtf).

end note.
if you feel offended, just press Alt + F4. Bye my filthy bitch.
October 9, 2008


Anonymous said…
Some are not quite agree with you but anyway, really a good article. "_"
Sharon said…
hahahah man i loved this!
I totally understand the facebook fiasco.. so many of my friends have been asking me to try this game and that game.. gosh!
taiwanese movies? tell me bout it.. my whole family is C.R.A.Z.Y 'chasing' every episode -_-
and yes, i super beh tahan DSLR owners.. it's like a trend now.. buy a DSLR and u're automatically a certified pro photographer.. @#$@$
Anonymous said…
i agree with you jimmy on FB thing..i m so damn irritated with ppl who can send countless same invitations to me for the sake of getting some points in wat so eva game they are playing.

Some DSLR owners are pure posers.photography is more of capturing the moment and angle.a compact camera often can do the same job as a DSLR.taking 1000 shots and having 1 good photos does not make u an instant pro photographer.i oso cant tahan ppl who over-photoshop.seen some car pics that hv been photoshoped to shine like chrome.damn lame
bibopp said…
wow.it struck me somehow.terase la beb..will make it up for u
Jimmy Ang said…
fooi: each has their own opinion right? and you're a guy with high taste in literature. *-^

sharon n andrew: see, i'm not the only one.

beep: kenapa terasa? which vice are you guilty of?
Anonymous said…
herm.. im also terasa..
playing facebook game as well BUT i only invite ppl who want to be invited (those in "add more friend" group)
anyway. great blog u have here =)
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks Pepperlok, dun terasa. I'm also guilty of a few vices. *-^


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