.things that baffle me.

Part 1.

Teenagers with boppy overdressed anime lookalike attire.
There comes a few times in my journey of my life where I regret looking at teenagers nowadays wearing overcoats and make up with metal wires/rings slinging around all over his/her attire. They're like mini anime characters only without any anime affiliation. They think they look cool with their oversized overbooked overheavy coats and makeups but what they really resemble is a dead crab trying to pass off as an oversized lobster. i pity the heat their body has to take under all that layers of clothing. Their parents must've been real proud of them cause they're like born without sweat glands wtf.

mini cliche lovey-dovey IM shoutouts.
wtf is wrong with you people? somebody kill me and drop me into eternal hell cause if god made hell, it would be spluttered with ODs of lovey dovey cliche shoutouts. Get a room or get a life. Whatever you have to say, you is privately says itssssssss!

people who own a Mac and think they're the coolest thing on earth since ice age.
I own a Mac thus does that make me the coolest thing on earth since the ice age even though i'm a secret closet retarded fucking cheapskate manwhore? NOOOOO. So shut up and stop thinking Iphone/Ipod/IMacs are the biggest thing on earth since your mama's gigantic butt. IMacs/IPods and Iphones are no different from any other freaking PC/Dell/Sony wtf...

People who quote Naruto and Bleach and start doing hand signals hoping that they would sprout superpowers from their arse or worse.. a gigantic frog would appear and fire would come out from their mouth.
wtf.... you is dumbaaaasssss. Obviously overdose of these shits are no good. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is watching it and people who go agoooggooogaagaaa over them shurikens, headbands or whatever the fuck Naruto/Bleach accessory is a real fucktard.

August 5, 2008


Anonymous said…
Love your angst! This is the kind of blog I've been loooking for...! keep it up dude! Your writing cracks me up!


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