.things that baffle me.

Part 2.

Roller Sneakers
It isn't everyday you get to hang out at the supermarkets and departmental stores looking at families bringing their whole brigade. What irks me off is the dumb creation of Sneakers with those one wheeled rollers at the heel. Who the f*ck came up with the idea? I feel like extending my leg and tripping these pre-puberty rempits face down. If you notice, most of these shoes are only worn by spoilt brats whose mummy and daddy are too dumb to recognize a hazardous creation. Their parents must've thought that these shoes will teach their kid road safety and avoid them growing up to be stupid death defying brainless rempits. Their family and their near lineage should cease procreating. Darwin's theory wtf.

Sitting toilet bowls.
For thousand of generations, we've been squatting to shit. why sit now? Sitting is usually connected with Eating, Reading... you know, the whole lot of brain stimulating activities like talking, listening, courting chicks, watching football... Now, they want us to associate it with shitting. What next? Sleeping toilet bowls? That'd surely take the fun out of our missionary position. idiots.


p/s: looks like i'm not the only one noticing the trend of bloggers going all material poopsy. eyeris here too. i mean, why like suddenly every known blog is blogging about SCARLET, LEVIs, OREO.. fucking shit liddat. wtf is wrong with you people? I freaking hate Scarlet and LG.. as in the brand. They never made anything good. Name on thing that they're best in? HP pun kalah, LCD screen pun kalah, Notebook pun kalah... what? What? WHAT?

Also, I hate Oreo. Like fuck only. Chocolate with vanilla shit. Ever since Oreo came out, we had Oreo slushee, Oreo Ice Cream, Oreo shit... I think they wan to dominate the world with their next Oreo Set Lunch.

Levis pulak... I kinda love. :)
August 8, 2008


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