.my will be bday presents.

ok, the 2nd of July is a big date for me.

For those contemplating what to get me, fret not, I've prepared a list of things I want / need.
For those not contemplating anything, its time to start thinking right.

Also, to make things easier, I've arranged them from cheap to expensive. If you're some cheapskate arsehole, get something from the top of the list. I wouldn't mind a cheapskate friend. If you're generous cause you're cute and totally hot with beautiful eyes, I would love you forever.

Here goes...

1. A month's supply of snack food I can chew on when I'm "gatal"

2. Tony Parsons "One For My Baby"

3. Alcohol, bottled alcohol. Hopefully whisky.

4. Cuffs. Handcuffs. Hopefully strong ones. *-^

5. Onitsuka Tigers Tokidoki Line up.

I would list down more... like some gadgetries I've always wanted and what nots but truthfully, you'll never get me an iphone second gen right? So, these five are more than enough for now.

p/s: you can also wish me Happy Birthday and write sweet messages on Friendster. I'd still love you.
June 17, 2008


aifaa said…
hihi.i'm getting you those cuffs...rawr!
Jimmy Ang said…
awww... that's so sweet and sooo undoubtedly Aifaa.
aisyah ecot said…
mail me ur mailing address...


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