.last Saturday.

technically my birthday is not over but it feels like it just passed.

thanks to all those who attended fuel last Saturday.

Those who came in white:
FairyYin (OMG so white like fairy can die wtf), Me.

Those who came with white shoes.
EmoHee, OhSoMorallyGoodYeap, CorruptedMars, HairCombedUpYolk, Me. Others did not notice their shoes...

Those who came looking a bit white wannabe.
AlmostMarriedSam. Came in gold and glittering dress but said it looks like white which I have to agree.

Others who came.

SoBlurChiew + 1, PumpingWithLovePet + 1, SoTallWenny and TotallyYummyTY, PlayerMeng, StylistEsther and TotallyGayFriend (sorry forgot name...). Managed to catch SoFriendlyEric.

Also, someone in Friendster tried to give me a seizure by putting this pic on my testimonial. The horrid of it all... can die wtf.

Pics once I get them from FairyYin and AlmostMarriedSam.
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June 30, 2008


Anonymous said…
aww.. i miss it again.. upload pics asap. i wana see :)

-famous anonymous-


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