.UM fuck up.

I'm too tired from yesterday's TT and my DIY for my boot dampening. But still reading this e-mail forwarded by my friend took me by surprise.

I think it's truly absurd and freaking dumb.

We advocate compassion, the bible (regardless of religion) advocates mercy.
You know, the majority never scares us when they rise against the minority. Its the minority that scares us when they rise against the majority. Wonder why?

This fella is a special nut case. Total lack of confidence in his country, his people, his law and his culture.

Light transliteration of text from second pic:

"I call upon especially our Malay scholars. Appreciate our ancestor's fight to ensure Malaysia is free from the tyranny of outsiders. We scholars should prove that we are worthy and are the best choice to lead this country.... bla bla bla.. I also call upon our Malay scholars to prepare and arm for any untoward incidences as the non-native people today rise against (the government). Be prepared and lets not let the enemy take us by surprise. Don't let Malaysia fall into the hands of the wrong people."

Anything which I transliterated that totally distorts the meaning? I doubt it.
fuck ups
May 24, 2008


Anonymous said…
This was quite sometime ago (a month or two?) but the guy actually denied having written such a thing in the papers.

I'll leave you to conclude whether he should be believed :)
Samantha said…
Parameswara isn't a native. That's all I want to say. You guys can conclude the rest...
Anonymous said…
He should make a POLICE report as the letter bears his SIGNATURE. Otherwise how can he expect us to believe that he didn't issue this letter????
Jimmy Ang said…
Klaw: The conclusion is not up to me. It is up to the public.

Wen: Yes, it is a well known truth that PRMWR is an Indian Prince who later took on Islam.

Anonymous: What would've happened if a different race led this statement and protested against Ketuanan Melayu? Would it spur the ISA to act?


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