.Here in my home.

You know, there are more and more violence in Malaysia nowadays rather than ... say... a decade ago.

Or was it because we're not that advanced then, people were not that literate, crimes would go unreported previously? I don't really think so. Pardon me for being so sarcastic and pessimistic about today's culture or lifestyle but I would've thought that as Malaysia advances both culturally and technologically, people would know better, think smarter.

Back then, we never heard of Mat Rempits, bombings of political buildings, kidnappings, molesting and raping, killing, bribes... you know, the likes.

I'm glad that someone, somewhere decided to do something about it, to inspire.

A song generated by Malaysians for Malaysians pro bono.

Here in My Home. a project done by Malaysian Artists For Unity.

from MAFU "did you ask what this is all about? it’s about love."

daily dose
May 16, 2008


missX said…
I love the video man! :D
Jimmy Ang said…
me too. so cute omg wtf right?


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