.mom leaves for Osaka.

mom left for japan. she's going to be around Osaka i guess. Hope she's having one blast of a time. Hope she will get me one of those extra cool t-shirts too. or some electronic stuff from there. anything... since my chances of stepping into Japan could be rather slim.

I'm thinking of enrolling in Msc for Supply Chain Management from University of Bolton. 18 months course and there will be a demo at their office this Saturday 3.30pm. I'll be there to work out my options and I'll be at home to work out my finances. Its part time. :)

p/s: Time for a new header design?
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April 8, 2008


Anonymous said…
yes ! time for an image makeover for your blog. hahaha

-famous anonymous-
Jimmy Ang said…
header design only dear... not image makeover. no time at all for an image makeover.


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