.3GB Networking.

Online community is now the biggest agenda in our world wide web. It has maintained its stronghold ever since we Malaysians found Friendster and the likes. Then, online communities were just a place for us to keep in touch and maybe maintain contact with people we've lost.

However, advancements in both software and hardware enable us to develop this utility. Currently, a networking site needs to consist of blogging technology, picture/album sharing, personal profile page, media interactions, group networking and much more.

Friendster and Facebook has made these successful transitions from a mere personal website portal to a full fledged media and networking site. Currently, not many dare to venture into this niche. However, with 3GB, they're showing interest in our profile management. If Multiply was anything to go by, I'm surprised at the similarity of interface reaction with Multiply.

3GB might still be new but it has all the utilities a networking site will need. Truth be told, I've already got my hands full with Friendster and Facebook, I don't really need another networking site to complicate and to keep in touch with friends I never had in the first place. However, If you're one of those newbies venturing into this aspect, pls do introduce your friends into this site. A little competition is good, never bad.

Now type this "http://www.3gb.biz" into your URL and go have fun with it!

p/s: This is a sponsored post. I'm a whore like that wtf.
April 30, 2008


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