.UMNO ruckus.

PENANG: The state Umno will “persuade” the Federal Government to scrap all the mega projects in the state in view of the people’s clear rejection of Barisan Nasional.

Since Penangites do not want development, the Federal Government should not force it on them, said state Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.

He said that this was not Penang Umno taking revenge “but we are actually giving the people what they want”.

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Now I know why people voted for DAP, cause really, UMNO's are fucking idiots. Not all but the people behind this agenda certainly are. The funniest part was when they said.. we're giving the people what they want and this is not revenge. Even a dumbass 13 year old kid knows revenge when they see it, what more you old haggards good for nothing representatives.

I've always thought we elect people to represent us, the "rakyat" in fighting for us. We didn't elect you to represent the PARTY against the "rakyat".

Recently the fucking idiots have all started to create a ruckus making havoc here and there. What is the fucking point? Being a sore loser and all. I've heard from my Malay friends that they are not concerned with UMNO or DAP running the state. They are concerned with the progress. So, this means its the fucking idiots who are members of certain political parties being sore losers who are creating the ruckus.

Take for example the assembly held in KOMTAR today. Why do they want to do that? They're not providing any agenda except for being sore losers. If its HINDRAF or BERSIH, at least those people have a fucking AGENDA.

I'm disappointed with the UMNO political party in handling this issue especially after their setback. Who the fuck cares about your ranting on setting up your investigation as to why UMNO loss? Do it internally and STFU. My guess is... corruption and dumb politicians in your party. And if you need more info, read here.
March 14, 2008


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