.songs for my soul.

Some of the songs I'm loving right now. *-^

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful

Jason Mraz - The Remedy

Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my guitar

Phlowtron - Marilah Bergoyang

The reason I'm loving FlyFm is their focus on Malaysian bands and Malaysian productions. There are really a lot of good Malaysian bands out there. Try joining in their Campur Chart Live, usually every Saturday at Laundry The Curve.

Oh, gathering tomorrow at Auto City featuring the revered Nyan Kyaw the venerable zeemi. For further details, pls contact our event organizer, Yin from Airmas.

Marilah sekali begoyang-goyang semua bergoyang.
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March 5, 2008


Anonymous said…
You write very well.


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