a few updates to my fren's nicks...

SillySeng : StudentSeng
JollyYeap : JustJules
LovelyYin : MarriedYin
MiniVin : MiniVin
SweetSam : EngagedSam
SimplySue : KiaSue
Tofuny : ChikoTony

That's all for today. Dont blame me about not updating. I'm boring, yeah, not bored... boring.
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February 21, 2008


Anonymous said…
wat bout me? u left me out.. sob sob.. im ur loyal anonymous reader.. hahaha
Samantha said…
eeks EngagedSam o.O hmmm...doesn't sound as sweet SweetSam but heck at least it's way better than the other one...i know you know which one...don't need to be mention here >.<
Jimmy Ang said…
yh: haha.. believe me, you don wan ur name there.

wen: haha. shhh.. dun tell her. she asked me to change her name.
Samantha said…
o.O is it me, is it you or is there just another wen. How come I don't get it >.<
Anonymous said…
jimmy : haha ya, most likely i wont want my name to b published here also. :)

wen: yes, i dun get him either.. *ponders*
Jimmy Ang said…
wen, talking about the girl whose nick is worse than yours.... haha. she asked me to change her nick.


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