.Mois 2nd Entry.

Was at Mois yesterday.

A whole bunch of people were there.. MiniVin, JollyYeap, YolkKee, LovelyYin, SassySoo, ExtremeMeng, JaySee, MikeJackson.. dunno who else. Was too drunk to remember.

But I think I distinctively remember Irene. Dunno... must ask JollyYeap. I think she was cute.. but I guess I was too drunk to remember too. HAHA!

Sorry, forgot about SweetSam and DopeDen.

Had a wonderful time. Couldn't really remember the ride back but hey, I Freaking MADE it BACK! That's all that matters!

Now... to avoid paying Minivin.. HAHA! Surely piss off that fella!

p/s: The nick below was just for fun. Dont intend to use them. Surely hard to remember if I keep changing my frens' nicks.
daily dose
February 24, 2008


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