.transforming kid.

its funny how man has evolved. from perception to imagination, i guess only humans have the ability to conceptualize something which does not exist.

this evolution process is what strives us to greater heights, to better future and to realizing dreams.

however, a friend of mine today showed me that evolution is not always a step forward. it can be a step backward.

if you let the imagination run wild and you think of your CAR as a female anatomy with female biological parts, and u imagine having sex and ejaculating into the oil tank... there must be something wrong.

on top of that, he imagined having babies with the car, mini suzie. i mean, WTF?

MINI SUZIE which resembles him and his car. and then he takes his imagination forward in the form of abilities his son have. his son can transform...

after that he imagined the fun he'd have taking his kid out for a stroll... i mean, the fucking kid is a TRANSFORMER...

"come, papa take you out... transform"
(*kid makes transforming sound*)

this is what having your balls sucked up to your brains can do to you. YOU start thinking with your balls!
(he once saw a modified civic and confessed it was so shocking it sucked his balls up to his cerebral palsy)

Beware if your kid has small balls, it just might get sucked up to his brain and he'll devolve (i wonder if its even a legit word...)

p/s: i admit, this post might be a bit too far for some ppl to accept. my humblest apologies.
January 13, 2008


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