.my career or dream?

Quote of the day : Alcohol only amplifies your desire, it never creates lust- zeemi 08 '
I've got a thousand and one things to do. It seems that with each task comes two more. However, the satisfaction or scratching out one task from your long list of "things to do" are ecstatic.

Life has no meaning without dreams. I've thought it over yesterday night, what I've always wanted to do, to become. I realized that although I'm comfortable where I am. I was never someone who wanted to be where I sit. Not a boss working for a boss. Its really ridiculous. I've always wanted to be a boss for myself, not for someone else.

I've also always wanted to create beautiful things for people. Whether its buildings, toys, graphics, advertisements, videos or even t-shirts... I've always wanted to create them. Maybe I can infuse both of them (being a boss and creating beautiful things). Is it too late to start all over again? to study something I've always wanted?

I'm 25.. officially 25 as of 2008 and I think I'm a bit too old for starting over. I've got the jitter bugs. A part of me is afraid of change, afraid to start all over again... not only afraid but bored and tired of it.

Another small part of me asks me to go for it while I still can... to have no regrets. But there are already so many things I've regretted in life. Like the day I jump and fell down flat on my face in PBSM headquarters. The day I farted in class and people laughed at me. The day I purchased those nonsensical dolls (action figures as some boys would call it).

See, so many regrets right?

Maybe changing my job would also be another regret, or maybe it'd be the greatest thing I've ever done... I guess its something I have to embrace whichever direction I choose.
January 9, 2008


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