.leaving her alone.

Quote of the day : Success is not measured by what you gain but what you leave behind - zeemi 08 '

i think i can't go out that often anymore. its not that i'm not outgoing and shit like those, i miss my friends and all but today, something just tugged my heart.

its 8 pm and the new year's approaching. me and my friends were going to go to this cafe which one of our senior opened. a lot of the guys were there.

minivin, YolkKey, jollyYeap, SillySeng, LovelyYin, SiaoWen, KillKell, BarnJin, ElfVin, JonNerdan, DogKiang, Predator, ChefChee and DirtyNeat.

Wow, that cracked up my brain...

anyway, i was on my way out after getting a bath and packing my stuffs.

i looked at mom watching television and replying her new year messages. I realized that I've never sent her one msg wishing her happy new year. I've never even wished her.

My brother's out celebrating with his friends and gf. My sister's out exploring her newfound freedom too.

My mom is sitting there alone, and I ponder for a while, thinking of abandoning my plans and just staying on the couch accompanying her.

but i promised lovelyYin i'd be there.

I patted my mom and told her I'd be out and asked her to take care of herself. I even told her we'd go out shopping the next day...

"Tomorrow I got NuSkin meeting" she told me.

Guess she's not as lonely as she seems. I smiled and said "wow..."
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December 31, 2007


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