.pissy mood to squishy mood.

How to get pissed off and refresh your mood early in the morning.

First of all, drive to work waking up like a mountain gorilla.
Then, proceed to drive to work in a hurry without breakfast.

Then spot a minute looking MyVi ahbeng edition on the road. Make sure he is on the right lane which is the lane to freaking TURN.
Give the ahbeng inside the MyVi ABE a passionate stare like you just killed his whole family.

Make sure you ignore him like a fly after that.
Proceed to GO straight after the traffic turns green.
He will follow you although he is on the wrong lane.

Then overtake the trailer in front.
Be sure to look behind and rest assured, he will tailgate you with his White MyVi ABE after a while.

Proceed to piss him off by driving slower at the same time giving him ample space to overtake you. After he overtakes you...

Make sure he stops at the lane with more cars at the traffic junction. Proceed to laugh at him when you pass him into the lane with less cars at the traffic junction.

then jerk off and squirt all over the window on his side of the lane as he overtakes your car after getting the green light.
Let him overtake you at the same time you squirt off.

Wipe off...

the GRIN on your face before proceeding.
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December 14, 2007


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