i think comprehensible speech is not a specialty for malaysian ministers. i'm really getting more and more disappointed with malaysia. especially with the way they're debating on live television. recently our information minister went on al-jazeera and his eloquent speech could be described as the size of my dog's nuts. my dog's a bitch so.. yeah, non existent.

please choose people with at least some poise and professionalism in their speech. 


to all my readers, happy new year. found a really awesome card.


let's have a recap of my 2007. 

i found a new job which is really not that promising. i'm beginning to hate the pressure.
i found financial freedom and realized that i'm a spendthrift.
loved and lost (kind of like a cycle)
sold my car cause she's being whiny and bitchy.
got my first notebook.
my third infection which totally screwed me over.
almost.. almost gave up drinking. (still trying)
almost.. almost gave up clubbing. (still learning)

nothing much...

let's have a recap of the most memorable things in 2007.

1. suzuki swift sport.
2. iphone for knowing that people who purchased them are dumb.
3. eye of malaysia for knowing that people who got up on them are dumb.
4. malaysia's first astroNUT for being a pretty faced "space visitor"
5. arsene no longer in arsenal. (even almost rhymes)
6. bhutto died. and the front page is splashed wide with her white albino face.
7. hundreds of mat rempit died and not reported.
8. BERSIH and HINDRAF rally. and our ministers appearing dumb on live television.
9. Judiciary fuck up... like old pals BlackCal and SillySeng. they're pretty screwed up too the way they're thinking dirty and all.

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December 30, 2007


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