.Why I want to eat at Friday's.

Pls bear with me... i want it to have the exact feeling I felt...

I walked down the lane of the 1st floor, I bumped into an old guy walking slowly. He was walking as slow as a turtle. I overtook him once I had the chance... thinking to myself "People who walk slow should stay at the left lane and not HOG the escalator".

I went into the restaurant and found my friends sitting there. They were waiting for me and I was half an hour late. I sat down and told them about the experience I had on the way, the traffic congestion on the bridge, the slow cars, the old guy hogging the road.

My friends looked at me and laughed. Guess the truth really works.

Then I looked out and noticed the old man walking in. He wasn't very old. Just around 50 I think. He was seated by the waiter. They all greeted him with a long "Welcome!". He smiled and took slow short strides, looking at the decoration as he came in. I took a look at him and sniggered to my friends, "He's the old guy hogging my road just now, all the way on the escalator down".

I think it took him a full 10 minutes to reach his seat at the far end of the restaurant suitable for two persons. The waiter greeted him and walked along with him, slowly.. smiling still at his every move and answering his every whim about the decorations. Somehow, in my heart I thought he must be cursing the old man under his breath.
But his smile looks sincere.

As he isn't seated far from me, I could eavesdrop on him. But I think his partner isn't here yet.

A young teenage girl came in. My friends said she looked hot. I couldn't agree more. She walked in searching for someone and plopped her butt in front of the old man. Must've been his daughter. "Not bad for a slow old guy", I thought to myself.

She said to him "Dad, I just bought this, this and this. And I had ice-cream just now. Where were you? Couldn't find you as soon as we came in. I thought you were behind me all the time until you called me half an hour ago."

The old man replied, "My legs hurt a bit, so I took a seat somewhere. Now I figured you must be hungry so I called you here. You better eat some cause it's getting late."

I didn't continue eavesdropping on the old man after that. Somehow, as the world moves faster and faster, people tend to overlook those that can't keep up with us. People who used to take time and have patience on whatever we did no matter how long we tried.

Nothing could erase my guilt after that but the thought of him smiling after being greeted "Welcome" and the kind waiter for walking all along the way with him warmed my heart.

It's not really about the place, but the culture in the place. I smile when it's Fridays now. Even though Saturdays are still work days, cause I think of TGIF.
October 5, 2007


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