.5 in KL.

I'm back from KL, Klang, whatever.

The top 5 things I did in KL.

1. Met up with Say Yee, Siew Chian (Daphne), Lee Yin and Bib!
2. Had my 3rd Quarter General Meeting in Head Office. Met up with KL staffs.
3. Learnt how to drive from Klang to Damansara and Cheras.
4. Played DOTA and still not wanting to make it a habit. DOTAs are a bit dumb.
5. Hang out at Century, The Curve with a bunch of idiot friends.

That's it. Nothing much.

p/s: Met up with ColourfulConnie who dances sooooooo freaking similar with HappyHelen.
October 23, 2007


Unknown said…
idiot frenz??? --___--lll .... nice 1... thanks
Jimmy Ang said…
u teach me wan! haha!

"i have a bunch of idiot friends"
Anonymous said…
yea... but u dun hav to use it bec on me lar~~ -__-lll .. anyway i agree with u .. playing DOTA is like an idiot..hahahaha


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