.Freedom Film Festival in PNG.

Truthfully, I only managed to squeeze in for 1 session. It was on 22nd September 2007 at 9.10pm.

The movies screened are Exodus and She's My Son.

Exodus tells a movie about sexuality. Of Lesbianisme and attractions. The movie was scripted without any dialogs and yet they still manage to portray the feelings displayed by the characters. The main reason I was not comfortable with this movie was because it is visually beautiful with choreographed dances and all (I don't have a knack for VERY artistic movies). Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful movies. Movies that are scripted and acted beautifully but not artsy matsy movies. However, me and my friend was giggling half way when the woman was artistically Masturbating. I mean, WTF?

She's My Son is a malaysian movie about transexuals. How a person who has undergone a sex change feels and how parents play an exceptionally important role to these people. The story revolves around Suganiah, a transexual who has become an accepted individual in the society because of her mother's support. The director, a video journalist from MalaysiaKini has decided that she doesn't want to portray transexuals as prostitutes, degraded individuals or even outcasts of society. She wants to portray a story where if the family accepts them, the society will too.

Chuah, a USM student doing a project on Homosexuality, Mien*... a facilitator for FFF, Indrani Kopal (director/producer for She's My Son)

more information on the movies screened in FFF can be found here.
September 24, 2007


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