.DDD in Slippery Senoritas (SS).

DDD - drink drank drunk...

it didn't started the way i planned it to be. a bunch of us hanging out somewhere, someplace.
it started rather dull but it ended on a high note. when i say high.. i mean HIGH.

as i sat there in my car waiting for my friend to come in, i took a deep breath and wondered what we were doing. the three of us.. guys going out to a club on a saturday night. it was awfully boring right?

i couldn't be more wrong.

the journey didn't indicate anything better. if the "plip plops" of heavy rain splattering on my windscreen was an indication of things to come, i'd think it would be... rather boring later.

but the rain stopped as i pulled in to park. on a saturday night, i parked right in front of the club, well, not exactly right in front but you get my drift.

the entrance wasn't easy too, the usher was porking us up with a 350 liquor which the manager agreed for 250. RAJ from SS, your fucking face looks like its been sucked by a donkey. AMEN.

but the day turned out good, we had fun despite several irritating moments.. like the fact that there was a bunch of malay softies jumping up and down and flipping their happy hugging hands all over me and my friends. and also the biotches beside us were freaking lipid with faces like tornadoes just swiped their pubic area.

but i came back drunk and MiniVin had to drive me back. that's how wasted i got.

i'm still feeling the after effect. given the space, i think i would've just flopped down on the floor in SS.

SS was good. true to the dot, its not the place, its the company. go with low ass dumb life ass holes, play with assholes. go with high strung hoes, play with hoes.
daily dose
September 2, 2007


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