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First of all, Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!

CLuB and PaRtY Events! *-^

QE II in Penang. The songs are a bit boring and the place is more like a lounge/bar more than a club. There's no dancing podiums/ stage.. you just dance at the place you sit. But like it says, 360' waterfront venue. My first experience there was HOT. i mean it was literally making me sweat. Maybe it was the location of our seat or the overcrowded arena.. but it was really hot.

however, a great place to be just to chill out.

my previous party at the World Music Festival. Raining and still the best festival / party event there ever was!

FOOD *-^

one place that i've really enjoyed is Chili's and TGI. unfortunately, Chili's is always packed. but i can tell you all one thing. TGI is to die for.

also. Food Loft is a nice place for a relaxing lunch/dinner. Although the food are a bit pricey but the interior design is wonderful. Also, it overlooks the sea. Here are some pictures.

pathway to the middle looks fragile but looks can be deceiving.

my tomyam kai set.. yummy!

thou can't see the beach?it was hot, i'd rather not be there in the afternoon.

they'll reserve it for you as soon as you "check in".

mango madness. the mango ice is to DIE for!

some lewd sculpture which makes a good impersonation as art.

me on the pathway... i'm gonna build my house with a pathway similar to this.
September 1, 2007


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