."work" up until now.

it's been more than a month i'm in this line.

the work keeps pouring in, the challenges are everywhere.

there's the problem from clients, customers and even my own internal staff. they give me all kinds of shit to deal with. this existing problems multiply and believe me when i say time is an essence lacking. but i maintain that work ends when it ends.

life is too short to burden myself with all of these work. i never bring my worries from work back.. at least not yet. no matter how hard it is in work, i put it all in the office and i go back with a peace of mind.

anyway, i'm disappointed cause i didn't get to go to Gwen's concert. but i guess it's for the better. tons of work to handle from now until friday. i've basically got my hands full with stuff to do.

but i think my job is challenging, these problems which crop up like mushrooms has taught me to be a better, more organized person. it has also taught me how to deal with a lot of things. personally, i prefer a challenging career compared to a dull steady one.

some ppl are different, some ppl just want a steady income with high returns, i want experience in life. i want the income to matter because i work for it.

i want challenges to drive me further, to excite me and to inspire me.
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August 21, 2007


Fairy Spring said…
you've just got tagged by your cousin. (ME!!)


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