.proud of Malaysia?

Malaysia is reaching its 50th independence in a less than a month's time. And if there's one thing i want to change about Malaysia, I really can't say it out... because truthfully, Malaysia still has a lot of flaws.

Despite having tons of things that I love in Malaysia, like the culture and the food.. maybe SOME of the people but I notice that there are a lot of things that could change for the better too. Like better administration of the country and better health care / education standards.

Over the span of 50 years and despite everything that our Prime Minister has strived for, I can't really say that I'm proud of Malaysia. Not the cyber city, not Putrajaya, not the twin tower, not our public transportation, not our roads, not our government (face it, they still have a lot of improvement), not our media (lack of freedom.. really), not our abundant resources, not our tall towers, not our feeble world record attempts, not our culture (we still have a lot of mat-rempits here and there).... basically, not anything except one.

I'm proud of Nicol Ann David. Yes, the girl wonder from Squash. She excels and is the world's best. If our football team was as good in their field as her, we'd win the world cup. That's how good she is.

I don't know, whenever I hear her in the news, I just want people to know that she's from Malaysia, Penang. I bet anyone who's a fan of Squash will know Malaysia and will know that she's the unbeatable wonder girl from Malaysia.

Nicol, Malaysia is proud of you. And on this 50th Merdeka, I thank Malaysia because of you.
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August 4, 2007


Anonymous said…
malaysia suck! hahaha shhhh....
Jimmy Ang said…
yes, but suck what?


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