.feeling lost.

it feels so weird being here. I mean, the comfort and freedom that I once enjoyed in my previous company is lost now. and like a blithering typhoon that comes faster than the speeding car, my pitch of regret sets in.

I feel trapped in this room, my... mind you.. it's five times bigger than the cubicle in my previous company but the lack of a door and a real wall there make us all feel like a family. I don't know why, maybe I'm not cut out to be the one managing. Maybe I just want to glide through life like a flying bat, not a soaring eagle.

The skype in my computer remains open but for what reason i just cant seem to figure out, my boss started to grumble about the incoming skype windows that keep popping out yesterday. I can't tell her just how much I hated being in this company but hopefully things will get better as soon as she's gone.

I miss the beeping sound the card in my previous company makes whenever we exit or enter the office, in this office.. I just unlatch the door.. which is much more of a hassle than it looks like.
I miss having lunch with my friends, the weird ones.. like the usual bunch mamaJes, saki baki, naughtyNic, munchingMun, VegeKuack and EllieShall (ellie is for elephant). There's also the more unusual gang like Desman, IcyImp, TrollingTom and EverElmi. I miss having conversations with them. They were never serious but it suited me well cause I wanted life the way it is, in a colourful plate, not healthy pills.

I hated these suffocating shirts and pants that I'm wearing to work. I loved my freedom (albeit not as much as I would want but better than nothing) when I worked in my previous company. I miss having casual Friday instead of Casual Saturday. Now, I never say TGIF anymore. I miss my friends skyping me and calling me MOONING.. they still do, but I miss going over to them and talking to them instead of just looking at what they write and imagining how hard they're laughing.

Most of all, I miss looking forward to GOING to work...

But there are a few things i enjoy here... at least I hope so... when my direct boss is gone.
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August 3, 2007


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