dear blogdees,

sorry ppl, might be missing in action for a while. the work is taking a toll on me.

i'll keep u all updated on how my work is going as soon as i get some space to breathe in here. its really suffocating. a lot of things to learn, really.

also, i'll not be updating this weekend cause i'll be in KL and when i'm back on saturday night.. i'll head on over straight to World Music Festival in Botanical, TMN Quarry.

Then on with training the week after. With tuition and work this week, it is really taking a toll on my health.

hopefully, my life after training would be better.

well, a note though.. i'm pretty excited about meeting and liasing with new ppl. sure is a good way to widen my contacts.

till then,

love ya all.

(19.07.2007) p/s: Bon Odori is being held in Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama) on Saturday too... maybe i'll go to Bon Odori first on Sat and move on to the World Music Fest on Sunday. Depends on my mood largely. *-^
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July 17, 2007


Anonymous said…
Eh, Pdg Kota Lama- you in Penang? btw
be patient with working life, it is not always roses and roses.. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, i din manage to attend bon odori but i managed to catch WMF in Botanical Garden on Sunday.

WMF rocks.


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