.green enclosure.

i have two more days to go before i miss the colors that enclose me in the space where i call "MY" cubicle for the last 3 months. i could have my first "confirmation letter" soon, but i guess i threw it all away.

the walls are green and full of things i call art. the wall behind me is full of posters. a levis booklet stretched out to represent cool colourful cartoon characters. i love them. there's also my car note saying "if i promise to follow you... , will you keep me?". the vertical and horizontal posters from HK motorola that I absconded from GayVinz's house are locked in my drawer, i took it out a couple of weeks back. I figured, why put it up if i need to take it down.

the right of my wall are filled with office materials, passwords, tips, notes and company personnel phone numbers. I will miss the people and the work here.

beside my monitor lies my cpu and a printed lyric of Maroon 5's makes me wonder. I loved that song. and the lyrics are highlighted. sometimes i wonder that maybe i have too much time on my hands in this company. which might translate into a good or bad thing.

the left of my wall is littered with pictures and souvenirs. a group photo taken at sillySeng's house and a silhoutte of me in Tioman Island. There's also the batik cloth painting i bought from my last trip to Kuching.
Then there's the bighead souvenir from Cambodia, bookmark from my angel (found out she's my case manager, Elmi), elephant carving from India (from sweetSam) and the latest addition, a PUCA keychain from Pineapple village.

Somehow, I've become familiar with the green enclosure that is around me. The people around here are cool and good. Their silence is no longer a subtle dread but a refreshing change from the nights where i hang out.

as more and more people are entering this company, i regret my lack of chance to get to know them well and better. 3 months is a long time but it feels so short in here.

the pantry which have been a haven for gossips and hanging out, the training room which was the first place we familiarize ourselves with, the 9 or so people that was with me during the training have been the best of mates to me. i will definitely miss them, and i know they will... me.
July 11, 2007


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