.picturesque emo.

i look at the pictures on my wall. they're pinned on my left board. it reminds me of so many things.

the silhoutte of my body and the sunset at the horizons look straight back at me as i reminiscence about the beauty and the events that took place.

another picture shows a bunch of us in a familiar place, sillySeng's house. the faces are so familiar yet i know most of them less than i should've and i miss them more than i need to.

these pictures are beginning to fade but the events in my memories will never. looking at pictures are somehow nostalgic. it makes me want to relive every moment. every second of that particular moment up to the second before the shutter clicks are so vivid in my mind. the "1 minute prior camwhore memory" as i call them. but i can barely remember what happens in the 1 minute post camwhore memory. maybe its the anticipation or maybe pictures takes still moments and its past. we can indulge our self in that very moment and at that moment, we have no recollection of the future (post camwhore).

looking at pictures makes me emo. makes me happy. makes me glad to be alive. cause i know i've lived to the best before and there are people who i share my life with.

what ticks your emo feelings?
daily dose
June 11, 2007


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