.monday blues.

i'm afraid the death card has been dealt. but it has been dealt again. i don't know how i'm gonna cope with it but i hope it'll turn out just fine. can't really predict life you know?

anyway, mondays are supposed to be blue but a colleague of mine found this....

when you've worked in front of a pc for as long as we have, your brains kinda fuck up.

June 18, 2007


Unknown said…
What do you mean... your colleague 'found' those? Maybe for a late night debauchery at the office? Heh.
Jimmy Ang said…
yes, he literally found this on top of his pc on a monday morning.

(the lingerie was built with paper, the imaginations some people have)
Anonymous said…
Yeah!~!~ ladies with wild imagination. They are the next designer for the Hollywood lingeries. Orz....


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