.lovelyYin on fire.

me and minivin were talking about lovelyYin and her new nick.

minivin didn't agree with the nick. he suggested something else.

minivin says: bunnyloo
jeemee says: she dun wan. she wan cuteyYin.. i say cannot, so give her lovelyYin.
minivin says: she is no more cute. annoyinloo
jeemee says: yea
minivin says: haha
jeemee says: hahaha. that one nice wei
minivin says: annoying + yenloo. go blog this.


p/s: 5 minutes later.

minivin says: okok. Fuck. u put me on the desk (means making him responsible for his words). cheebye
jeemee says: put u on the desk. ya lar. i shall blog this means i shall blog the conversation
minivin says: chee bye u
jeemee says: hahaha
minivin says: u wan me die ar. u put i say her no cute anymore. lanjiao
jeemee says: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

friends say the darndest things!

p/s/s: post back up on minivin's approval.
p/s/s/s: added anese's blog in the blog links.
June 7, 2007


Anonymous said…
100% agree~~~muahahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
dude... it's very retarded to write the first comment and reply to your own comment.

really retarded.
Anonymous said…
hahaha~~~~buat derk aje~~


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