i'm totally lethargic.

i've been sleeping at 1 or 2 constantly these past few weeks and waking up at 6 in the morning. it's suffocating me. not to mention that it's defnitely extremely bad for my health.

yesterday, we took simpleSue to AutoCity. I don't know but the only place she's been to in AutoCity is CoffeeBean. and as usual, i din't bother camwhoring, which i should've cause it's been a long time since i took any pictures with SimpleSue or YenLoo or MC.

I met a couple of friends in AutoCity yesterday and sometimes I wish I had more friends to mingle around with. I think i have this syndrome of "cannot STAY put" at one place for a long time. I yearn for a social life. I yearn to go out everyday and every night. i mean, watching series like "The L Word" for a few consecutive hours is nice and sleeping for tons of hours is cute... but having a social life is different, we experience it.

I should mix with my friends more... i mean my colleagues. they went bowling the other day and i just simply don't feel like going. mostly because they asked me at the last minute but also because i don't really feel at home with them. at least not yet. i think it needs getting used to. a kind of syndrome i'm not fast in catching up.

my friend from UTM has been calling me the whole morning, asking me to go out. i think mostly because we're bored. maybe i'll bring him to a club tonight. maybe i'll camwhore. miss camwhoring. i like looking at pictures, it gives me a sense of being in the moment. but i don't like taking personal pictures... i'm more of a "more than one person" camwhoring fella. this taking pictures of myself issue is not really my thing. maybe it's because i'm don't think i'm cute enough. at least not like those japanese wannabe chicks or hot bod dudes.
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June 3, 2007


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