.Toraya Japanese Restaurant.

as promised... photos from my sushi buffet at Toraya Japanese Restaurant.

Actual address is : 690, MK13, JLN Tok Kangar, Juru, 14000 B.M. (1km from Auto city)
For reservation, call 04-5079116.
Total Cost: RM39.90 excluding tax (10% service and 5% gov)

i went to willy's blog and i came across this post.

I watched musics and lyrics a long time ago. and i think it was because we can't book the original movie we wanted to watch, so musics and lyrics was kinda a substitute movie.

but guess what? the substitute turned out great too.

from the movie "musics and lyircs", POP - Goes My Heart.
Hugh Grant was hilarious as an 80s Star in this movie.

the soundtrack of this movie, "Way Back Into Love" was good too. a little bit pop-py, but ok.

if you haven't watched it, it's not exactly mind blowing. just a normal feel good chick flick. i would recommend it for a light watch.

p/s: a year ago, i was leaving Skudai & JB... for good. and as much as I love Penang now... I still miss some of Skudai & JB.

p/p/s : two years ago, i had a typo on my title. it was supposed to say "i !#$%$ hate blogger" not friendster. i was still a young angry boy then. i still am a boy.
May 6, 2007


Anonymous said…
hey.. how much is the buffet?

Jimmy Ang said…
added in. 39.90 excluding tax
Sharon said…
eh willy doesnt sound right.
Jimmy Ang said…
hmm.. maybe next time should link you as sharon? that'd be better?
Sharon said…
LOL yea that's better ;) thanks :D


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