.the Kuching experience.

sometimes i believe pictures really express better than words. so in order to show you all how good of a time i had in Kuching.. i'll just let the pictures do the talking... and not to mention the fact that i'm lazy. ;p
special shoutout goes to leenMafia for being such a wonderful host!

yeah, we went to SOHO.. before that we stopped by at Bing! and Tom's. After having dinner at Tom's we went to Bing! to have coffee and Samantha was jumping jolly over her cookies. she had like.. i think 4 miniscule size cookies and she was singing all the way and taking camwhore pictures of cookies. if the cookies can pose, it would've ran out of poses.

and then there's aaron who's talking and talking all the time (he also takes kick ass pictures as said by Sam and confessed by himself). also ivan who's like the drunken master (drank one heineken and he's crazily boppy). aileen, the gang-getter and theresa. for some reason, some of her friends called her XXX and it kinda stuck in my head for the first few hours... until i make a conscious decision to change it. now i just call her theresa. hehe.

May 22, 2007


Anonymous said…
They're the same pics. Heh. Was good to have u in Kuching!
Jimmy Ang said…
haha. as if we had other cameras.. hehe.

and thanks aileen. for everything in Kuching. thanks for the ride.. (with dad and mom), thanks for the party and thanks for the offer to fetch me to airport.
CreativeBitchin said…
um. dude. confesssion? i dinno you were jimmy of jeemee@blogspot. heh. i've stumbled into your blog once in awhile. on friendster too...




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