.job description?

i wonder what i'm gonna put in "job description" for my next resume?

i don't think i'm ever gonna be able to explain what i'm working as.
it's hard. i've had two person asking me the same question today. "what's your job?" and "what do you do exactly?".

i mean, it's not a really hard question. just a straightforward simple question which might take a 12 year old 5 seconds to answer. but to me, it's much harder. due to the nature of my job, i can't disclose the clients and profiles i've attended to. so i can't provide examples. all i can say is .. "i do researches on companies. reputational background checks."

i know a lot of people would still be going.. "huh?" but that's as much as i can disclose. and my company? i don't even want to disclose the name on the Internet. why? cause we do internet searches everyday and we're damn good in getting stuff out of the internet. espcially negative articles. and putting the company name in my blog is just too close for comfort.


i sooo miss sushi. gonna go to a sushi buffet later. i'm buying. well, maybe me and bro. *-^

will post pictures and what nots tomorrow (or later... who knows).

also, i want to go get some kickass ice cream. maybe another earthquake from Swensens...
comfort food is always comforting.

p/s : my car is back from the workshop. costs a whopping RM 360. repairs for my Nissan front left signal light and front bumper.

p/p/s : i never knew i would miss my car soooo much. getting it back today was a HUGE relief.
May 5, 2007


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