.changing the past.

there are so many things which happened in the past that we regretted today. we wish we could change the outcome of so many events. if we have one opportunity to go back in time and change something, there wouldn't be enough opportunities to make it all "right" again.

for so long, we just mow down with regret wishing that we have the courage to take the step that will change us, for better or for worse.. nobody knows. but it's not just about changing that matters, we all change.. every bad experience makes us wiser for the future and every good decision makes us happier for the future.

however, if we do not embrace change, nothing will change. not us, not the event, not our life, not even our future. we stay stagnant. holding on to the things that make us safe.

and as good as that sound, we won't be safe for long you know. people change. events evolve. they don't revolve around you, we revolve around them.

there are so many things in the past i wished i could change. but i wouldn't trade it up for another life of no regrets. regrets are what makes us stronger, wiser and better.

i was sitting at the table and this lady came by accompanying two girls. one is severely disfigured, the other is walking without an ounce of expression. she came by our table and mumbled some words i couldn't hear.

we just disregarded her, like she was some lowlife beggar. like the person who passed us selling those lottery tickets.

and as she passes us by, i felt a tinge of regret. regret for not showing the compassion she might need from people like us. regret for not even showing an ounce of care. the disfigured girl walking, she might just be a propaganda by the lady for donations but it takes a young girl great courage to walk in a state of that disfigurement.

this is one past i wish i could change but since i know better than to change the past, i prepare for the future.

if i ever see them again, i'd give them some money, tell the lady that what she's doing is a great thing and tell the little girls that everything will be alright.

i won't know for sure but a beam of hope is better than a room of darkness.

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May 2, 2007


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