you know what's weird?

weird is when...

the road leading to the penang bridge combines 4 main roads into 2.

it is always packed when you're most tired.

it is packed even on a public holiday.

you wake up without an alarm going off and realize you woke up an hour early after getting through all the usual routines.

you're the first person to reach office and the office is not open.

you want to ask someone out and think about it.. but just can't say it out.

no matter how high your pay is.. it never is enough.

you go to a club but would rather sit down and bask in the atmosphere.

you want to go yamcha but end up in a club.

you screw the people who drive like mad when you are one mad driver yourself.

you know it leads to no where but commit yourself to it anyway.

it's just weird.


si sa poh!

i need to find a nickname for a particular person.

what's a good nickname?

April 28, 2007


Anonymous said…
cutie pie will be a good wan...haha
Jimmy Ang said…
ohhh.... clever....



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