.a review of Philips HS850.

Philips HS850 neckband

i got my product from lelong. looks cool. a Philips HS850 neackband headphone. take a look at it yourself. sets me back at RM75 + 10 for postage.

the sound makes a nice reverbating bass effect and the phones fit comfortable resting in your ear.

edit : after using it for the past 3 hours in my office, i find no distortion at minimum volume and even at maximum volume level. The earphones fit nicely and doesn't irritate after a few hours. The ear hook is very soft but it does get a little tight after a while and proves to be quite a discomfort.

the whole product is really cool as it blocks out external noise to minimal level. it doesn't hurt to turn a few eyes too. *-^


Kaching Machines

At first there was coin slotting drinks, then snacks, then ciggies, now a new innovation i guess.

in japan, they have coin slotting machines for EVERYTHING. yeah, name it. every freaking stuff.

Malaysia, it's just coming up but there's a new addition in E-Gate's Toilet, Penang.

Yeay! Now you can buy condoms in toilets. What a wonderful innovation.

p/s: in remembrance of World AIDS day, let us all have protected sex today. even if it's your husband. it'll sure piss him off.
April 29, 2007


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