.procrastination blues.

it's the monday blues. it's gotta be that. no wonder my eyes feel like closing on a monday morning. i know it doesn't help..the fact that i slept at 2.30am yesterday. my heads feels like they're about to explode and mushy brainmeat is gonna splatter all over this cubicle.

thus i sit down in my cubicle trying to finish up some work but i end up writing this blog and listening to Gym Class Heroes' The Queen and I, which is awesome by the way.

Procrastination, another bitch of a word i've fully met and understood. i'm trying very hard to stop my ways of procrastination and the more work i get done... the more work keeps coming in. maybe i shouldn't be doing stuffs so fast anyway. maybe procrastination is good, but since we're sooo blinded by corporate talks that we forget about the perks procrastination gives us.

for one, procrastinating makes us happy. cause we feel we have less work. the only work we have are piled up on a couple of especially cute days.

two, procrastinating makes us feel special. everyone's doing some shitty work while we're laying low trying to take a short nap or eating the last of our munchkins.

three, procrastinating keeps the blood pressure down on most days. except on the deadlines, where it's especially high. but other than that, we're having much lower pressures. beats average blood pressure anytime.

any more perks about procrastinating? don't forget to share. we all just wanna feel good about something we do... although we know its wrong.



Mighty MOUSE

My mom calls you mousy.

"Why mouse?"

Dunno, she says you look like mouse.



Even if I'm a mouse.... I want to be the Mighty Mouse.
April 23, 2007


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