.life's surprises.

you know the phrase..

"when you thought things were fine and dandy, life sneaks up behind you and pokes you in the arse"?

yeah, that's what happened today.

just when i thought things were running smooth.. a traffic jam appears.

the bridge was a smooth ride. but then Bayan Lepas junctions were jammed and packed all over. every freaking intersection and corner.

it's a freaking public holiday to most ppl. but yet, an insurmountable amount of cars appear.

i think the amount of idiots on four wheels are increasingly high these days. we should promote accident prone areas so that more dumb, reckless ppl die and free up some space for the Malaysian road community.



Blinky blinky

My eyes can't stop blinking. i wonder what's wrong... ?

eye spasms, i guess.
daily dose
April 26, 2007


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