.comfort food is good.

Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall.

I ordered a serving for one cause the waiter recommended one serving for two persons. true enough, it is more than able to fill two tummies. :)

anyway, it's been a long time since i post pictures, so here's one. *-^

doesn't it make you crave for one right now?

Swensen's Regular Earthquake

yummy, ice creams are my comfort food. strawberries dipped in chocolate is one of it too.

the middle bottle is for the smokes coming out. makes the whole restaurant look at us while we take a dip in it. *-^

lookie lookie, nice.

our 8 choices of toppings were : mango (nice), orange (nice), lime (nice), chocolate top, yummy raisin (alcoholic), yam, ... some i forgot. :P


a night in SOHO

had a blast with BeetleCharn, chickyChien, vintageVin, and JosieJason. I even learned salsa.. or was it cha cha? forgot... nvm.

i think it's nice i move a bit cause when i work... i sit as if my ass is stuck to the chair.
April 28, 2007


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