.a review of 300.

first of all, let me begin by saying that I watched this movie in Cathay BW. Which is a new cinema in Butterworth, Penang... But it actually sucks donkey ass. The seats are as turgid as a fat ass on crack and the people... the audience... there was burping behind me.. talking on the phone, ringing handphones, crying baby... just to name a few.

the cinema got me in stitches of anger.

however, it did not undermine the movie's credibility. the movie is a hit or miss thing. you either love it to bits or you either hate it to bits. for me, i was totally in love with it. maybe because it has too much of a testosterone going into the production. don't get me wrong... there were no sex scenes... but once you're in the movie.. watching it. you'll know it was made for fanboys and male ego.

the graphic novel illustration

300 is a movie adapted from the graphic novel by Frank Miller (the fella who did Sin City, which I also adored but don't enjoy the movie that much). Read more about the graphic novel HERE.

The movie starts off with the story of how King Leonidas ventures into the wild to become who he is now... a spartan. And then we have the invasion of the Persians, King cum God Xerxes (he's like bigfoot).

So, in defiance of the council and the law of Sparta who disagreed of this war, King Leonidas brought 300 strong men against a million or more... army of Persians. They won the battle not because of their spirit and superior superman strength or some stupid hero/action hero thing. They won because of planning and superior fighting/combat techniques. However, they did not win the war.

The main thing about this movie is the choreograph, usually fighting scenes are choppy and fast. but the fighting scenes here are sometimes in slow motion. They make full effect of the fighting scenes to create tension and force.

Basically, what I can say is.. a lot of male ego in this show but King Leonidas' love for his queen is totally cool.

believe me, if i could.. i would've killed the people in the cinema with a machine gun.

effects, effects.

Overall, i'd give this movie a solid 8/10. for the effects, a solid 10/10.

p/s: the oracle is wayyyyyyyyyyy NICE! damn those freaking half breeds.
March 9, 2007


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